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Jaw plates plays a very important role in stone crusher equipment. The quality of these stone
crusher jaw plates directly affects the whole working condition of the equipment. They also help in
preventing the surface from deformation.
Some of the main features and advantages of using our quality cherry stone crusher jaw plates are
as follows:
They are provided with enough hardness and toughness.
Good maintenance is required for long lasting service.
They are corrosion resistant and provides the high strength.
They can be fabricated with different constructional material.
They are also available with different shape, colour and processing type.
They are most commonly used for the applications like grinding limestone, coal, granite stones etc.
Kashetter group of firms offers the premium quality plates for jaw crusher for the most affordable
price. We supply to various places covering all kinds of industries. we have not only supplied the
materials in India but we have also shipped it successfully to the foreign countries covering all seven
continents in the world.
We are fortunate to be considered as one of the most reliable manufacturers of stone crusher jaw
plates since several years in India. The continuous dedication and following the professional
practises till now has helped us in achieving the name and stand out of the crowd and to be the best.
Every accessories of the various equipment are very well tested and made sure that they have
passed the quality test and are certified by both Indian standards as well as the international
Other than jaw plates we also offer many other types of accessories and the spare parts of various
equipment such as cone mantles, VSI rotor tips, casting plates, and many more, also with different
If You’re looking for your specified dimensions and specifications, you are still in the right place.
Because, the expert manufacturers here of Kashetter group of firms also custom design any kind of
spare parts very easily with perfection. so kindly get in touch with us for complete details and

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