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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt are made from polyester, nylon, cotton fabrics; terylene & cotton
fabric etc. Adopting the lower crystal rubber materials as the cover rubber, it allows Cold Resistant
Conveying Belts to maintain excellent elasticity and impact resistance at temperature of –40 degree
Celsius. The belt is manufactured by forming and vulcanizing further.
Our cold resistant conveyor belts do not freeze, break or get stiff in cold weather conditions. Our belts
are made crack resistant, cold resistant & abrasion resistant.
We have been offering a wide range of conveyor belts For cold resistant for various purposes. Using
of these bales in various kind of industries can help the people for fast production and results in
saving energy and time of the workers. group of firms Add actually established in Bangalore and is
in practise since almost for more than five decades of years.
We are one of the Largest Conveyor Belts manufacturer in India. We are blessed to have the most
knowledgeable and experienced manufacturers who is responsible for fabricating such highly
effective and premium quality industrial products and equipments.
We have all types of Cold resistant belts available In various specifications and we can also custom
design according to your needed specifications. we can also offer the guidance in choosing the right
type of conveyor belt for your kind of application.
since last several years, we have not even a single complaint regarding any of our industrial products
and equipments all over the world. And we are considered to be one of the best company for
fabricating and supplying, specially the industrial equipments and its machinery parts.
we also offer many other types of products used for various kinds of applications and are used almost
in every kind of industrial sectors. We provide the customers with the most safe mode of
transportations either by roadways, railways or by airways according to the customers convenience.
As we Fabricate custom designed products, even for cold resistant belts, you can ask us if there is any
special requirements in your industry. you can also get to know about the best offers available and the
complete details regarding the product. Kindly look Our official website for detailed contact

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