Cold Vulcanizing Solution

We are Manufacturers and suppliers of Cherry Cold Vulcanizing Solution generally called as Conveyor Belt Jointing Gum with Hardener or Belt Jointing solutions.

Our CHERRY Cold vulcanizing solution are very effective and the most preferred for conveyor belt jointing, pulley lagging & belt repair and can be used for all types of conveyor belts like M-24 Grade Rubber Conveyor Belts, N17 Grade Rubber Conveyor Belts, Heat Resistant rubber Conveyor Belts, SAR Grade Belts, Fire Resistant Belts, Pulley Lagging, Tank Lining, and many other applications.,  etc.

Usage type of Cold Vulcanizing Solution

  • Can be used for the rubber to steel
  • Can be used for the rubber to rubber
  • Can be used for the rubber to other substance

Features of CHERRY Cold Vulcanizing Solution

  • Provides Higher Coverage
  • Cost-Effective
  • Extremely High Bonding Strength
  • Quality Output
  • Uniform Performance
  • Does not contain hazardous Substance
Conveyor Rollers
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