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Conveyor hood make sure that the materials that are conveyed on, do not blow off in case of
inclined conveyors and get stick to the conveyor. they contribute in increasing the efficiency of the
overall productivity in the various types of industries.
The hood for conveyor can be constructed with different types of materials that might be of
galvanised steel, Fibre glass, painted glass or aluminium. Kashetter group of firms offers all the types
of conveyor hood for the buyers also in different specifications .
Some of the uses of conveyor belt hood are as follows.
They protect materials from different environmental conditions Like wind and rainfall.
They increase the efficiency.
Prevents the damage of various types of materials that are conveyed on.
We offer corrosion resistant as well as erosion resistant conveyor hood.
Kashetter group of firms are very much fortunate enough to have the best team as the Distributors
of conveyor hoods. Kashetter group of firms was actually started in 1964 in the Silicon Valley of India,
that is Bangalore.
Every member in this firm have struggled and acquired the knowledge regarding designing of
various types of industrial equipments and products. We have always followed our professional
ethics wherever we go and no matter where we stand. This has led us to be the best conveyor hood
manufacturers in India.
Kashetter group of firms not only supply the conveyor hoods but we also supply many other types of
industrial products like oil resistant conveyor belts, food grade conveyor belts, heavy duty conveyor
rollers, shaft mounted reduce speed reducers, conveyor idler and many more.
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