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Heat resistant conveyor belts are highly demanded specially in the cement and steel kind of industrial
sectors. They are being supplied in a very large quantities to these industries all over the world with the
different specifications.
These conveyor belts consist of a rubber cover having a special rubber compound having the features of
excellent thermal protection force, high adhesion strength, elongation at break and a lot more.

the cherry groups has always been the best to dealers of heat resistant conveyor belt since many years
and we have been the most trustworthy suppliers having a good heavy business connection but many of
the clients from different states of India.
Till now, we have supplied not only within India, but we have also supplied these heat resistant belts to
many of the foreign countries that includes almost every continents in the world.

the following points represents some of the main advantages and features of the heat resistant belts:
that comes with different grade of material, brand, colour, type of edge, the number of plies etc.
Their design allows them to be used in different range of temperatures of the material.
That highly resistant to the aggression but have an excellent bonding to the surface.
they have greater flexibility and also consists of the ability to track it.

The applications of these belts are seen In wide range of applications like chemical sector, iron and steel
industry, glass in the street, cement plant, fertilizer industry, metal working industry, foundries and
many more.
other than this heat resistant conveyor belt, we are also offering some of the chemicals needed in the
industries in order to have a safe environment and effective productivity. they are, corrosion inhibitors,
sludge conditioner, water treatment chemicals, etc.

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