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Silicon rubber Beading are usually used as a supportive member used at the edges of the glasses.
They are available in different specifications and colours.
Kashetter group of firms are the most trusted firm for producing the most premium quality
industrial product worldwide. We have been the best manufacturers of silicon rubber beading In
India since many years. We have Also successfully exported large quantity of industrial products
covering almost every continent in the world.
Few Of the main features and advantages of using our quality cherry silicon rubber beading are as
They are designed to be flexible and to be the strongest.
That affordable and economical.
Easy installation and easy maintenance.
Perfect finishing is provided.
Cherry silicon rubber beadings are Durable with long lasting ability.
We have the most experienced team of manufacturers for custom designing any kind of industrial
product. hence the buyers can contact us in case if they have any specialised specifications and
properties to be included.
We also offer many other types of industrial products such as conveyor belts, conveyor rollers,
diamond rubber lagging sheets, conveyor spares, idlers, bracket sets, cow mats, horse rubber mat,
silicon rubber sheet, etc To many places covering almost every state of India.
All the industrial products including the silicon rubber beading are distributed to the customer or
sent into the market only after passing certain quality tests and getting approved by the Indian
standards as well as the international standards.
We have more than decades of experience in this professional field and are now considered to be
the best silicon rubber beading suppliers in India. We are originally from Bangalore but we ship
worldwide providing with transportation by railways, by roadways and by Airways.
Customers can also check if the offers are available and feel free to contact us and talk to us about
any kind of industrial queries.

A Quality product from Cherry-The Super Engineer.

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