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Stone crusher roller are used for many purpose and almost in all kinds of industries, which is irrespective
of small scale as well as the large scale business. they are being used all over the world and they are
available in different specifications.

The kashetter Group of firms are offering wide range of roller for stone crusher, where they are highly
of the premium quality And also have the certification from the recognized standard authorities of India
as well as the international standards.
The kashetter group of firms are the most reliable manufacturers of stone crusher roller in India and we
are supplying them since many years. These crusher rollers consists of some of the main features and
advantages in the same are given over here.

That extensively used in the mining industry, as it consists of various features.
they have high capacity but low horsepower.
They are designed with having the ability to handle the wet sticky feeds.
they have low headroom And most abrasive.
They do not need much maintenance under suitable for reducing the size off the rocks.

Other than the stone crusher conveyor rollers, we are offering huge varieties of industrial products and
equipments like cold resistant conveyor belt, mining heavy duty conveyor roller, diamond rubber lagging
sheets, vibratory motor, Heat resistant conveyor belts and a lot more.
All these above mentioned products are fabricated with the high and advanced technologies, by the
most experienced fabricators of kashetter group of firms. we have been working for more than 50
years, and has always been following the professional methods in every process.

It’s been a pleasure for us to be able to guide well to all the customers, who wanted to select the best
type of products that will be best suited for their application. We are providing the clients with various
mode of transportation and best payment options, where we have not received any kind of negative
comments regarding the delivery or the services we have provided.

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