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Cherry Textile Conveyor Belt or Fabric Conveyor Belt are used primarily for heavy-duty, abrasive
materials. They are the most cost-effective option for shorter conveying distances and lower
capacities compared to steel cord belts.
Our Textile Conveyor Belt are having different layers of specially designed fabric plies which are
sandwiched between rubber skim coats for adhesion and load support. Bottom and top cover
compounds are added for maximum protection of the belt carcass. These compounds comprises of
different polymers, fillers and plasticizers and come in a wide variety of cover gauges.
• Offers high load carrying capacity
• High resistance to abrasion, durable, impact
• Large stockholding ensures quick delivery time
We have been supplying wide range of conveyor belts all over globe from many years. We are one of
the Largest Textile Conveyor Belt manufacturer in India. They can also be custom designed
according to the requirement of the customer specifications. we have the most outstanding fabricators
and the most experienced team members for custom designs.
we not only fabricate and supply fabric conveyor belts they also offer a lot other varieties of
conveyor belts such as, food grade conveyor belt, PVC belt, mining conveyor belt, endless
conveyor belt, heavy duty conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt, abrasion resistant conveyor
belt, white elevator belt and many more.
We have all types of Textile in conveyor Beltings available, with all range of specifications. we also
provide the customers to choose the right type of conveyor for this kind of application as per the
required specifications.
we have become the most trusted and reliable company for fabricating and distributing large quantity
and white where I do stuff industrial products. it is a pleasure to explain and clarify all kinds of
doubts the customer has regarding any kind of industrial products.
You can also ask us about the facilities we offer to the customers and you can also order us online by
contacting us through the various information given over here.

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